Monday, September 17, 2007

Simple and good Chinese

Yesterday had a craving for some good steamed dumplings and spicy Chinese food. Self and better half landed up at Royal Jade in Greenbelt just off the BW Parkway. Jonathan the owner and host was present and seated us immediately. It is a nice place with lots of windows letting the sun come in. Started of with some Wonton soup which was not upto the usual standard but helped pass the time while we waited for their steamed to order dumplings. The vegetarian dumplings are really good - spinach, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, mustard greens and scallions. The meat dumplings are pretty standard but provide a nice contrast to their vegetarian counterparts. Jonathan sent us a free sampling of shredded chicken tossed in an extremely spicy-pounded red chili mix with celery and carrots. We shared an entree of Cod in black bean sauce with Tsing Tao and Corona beer. A decidedly good and spicy lunch on a very cold day.