Friday, February 29, 2008

Greek food

One of my friends (also a Chef) from 1977 who I had not met for 20 years stopped by over the weekend enroute to Australia and joined wife and I for some Greek food at the CAVA restaurant in MoCo. The place was packed and noisy, the service varied from attentive to rushed. Well as much as I liked the taste of the food the tapas concept gets me unsettled as there is no rhythm to the meal. Perhaps I am too old fashioned and want my three courses interspersed with liquor and time to talk. The hummus was not as good as last time, salad with goat cheese was good, taramasalata (fish roe) mediocre. The grilled lamb chops were perfectly cooked and the piece de resistance was roasted fish which made my evening. My only complaint is the excessive salt which has been there consistently on all of my visits. Our waiter was good and before I forget the Argentinian malbec went very well with the food and for Espresso aficianados - you must finish the evening with a dessert and order espresso. All in all an average evening finishing on a high note.