Friday, August 15, 2008

Some great Chinese !!

Last week was gorging on Chinese food at the Grace Garden restaurant in Fort Meade. Much has been written about the place on a lot of local food boards. Anything I might add will be superfluous, but the fact remains that this is THE BEST Chinese food I have had since 1986 when I lived in China for 3 months. Using the local, freshest ingredients the Chef is turning out some of the tastiest dishes. after having had the thin wonton skins in this country I was glad to dig into some real country style doughy wontons. The steamed sea bass just melted in the mouth and the scallions/ginger juliennes provided the perfect spice to the dish, in fact highlighting the flavor of the fish. We ordered way too much food for five people and as usual most of it landed on my plate. I was a happy diner. The highlite of the repast was the shell-on Salt & Pepper Shrimp. Unlike my companions who spent valuable time peeling the critters, I ate them shell and all (thanks to my time spent in China).
It is a bare bones place, BYOB and the neighborhood is not much. The best way is to order from the Chinese menu and not the dumbed down Americanized Chinese menu. I have learnt to go for more steamed items as it does not fill you up and one can taste a lot more items. Also try going in a large group for the same reason.