Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing everybody a Happy New Year, though it is twelve days past, but I guess conveying best wishes is nice anytime. 2008 surely had been a tumultous year with war, terrorism, natural calamities, economy and recession plaguing the globe.
I have very fond memories of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai where I began my career in 1977 and learnt the trade from the Masters. It was a real tragedy to see a historic building like that go up in flames and the mindless mayhem that ensued.
I hope that the New Year will bring with it some semblance of peace, sensibility and we will forge ahead to more prosperity and happiness. A lot of change is coming in the political arena too with Obama's being elected as POTUS.
My second restaurant SpiceXing is still three weeks away, thanks to the permitting and licensing delays. Soon I will be able to post a few teaser-pictures of the interior and some snippets of the menu. The menu will feature Indian dishes influenced by foreign cultures, in addition to the contemporary specialties.