Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Happy Chef at last

One of our long time guest and now a close friend of mine Pradeep Singh caught me in this rare smile moment. Guess the months of tension of opening the restaurant had dissipated. I am posting this picture to defy all who keep telling me to get rid of the Famous Frown and smile more often, including my wife.

Monday, March 09, 2009


My second restaurant SpiceXing (Spice Crossing) is finally open after an interminable wait of 5 months. It has been a very frustrating experience to go thru the bureaucratic tape for the licences and endless permits. Having my partner Harry and my wife Sonali by my side helped ease a lot of doubts that had come acreeping during this long process. We are going through the same teething problems of any new operation, but enjoying it. Almost reminds me of when I had just become a father and was astonished at the amount of energy/patience that nature gives you when dealing with any challenge.

The dining hall has a high ceiling draped with billowing gold silk curtains and muted lighting. One of the walls has a sea glass jeweled Tree designed and made by our friend Kerbanoo from New York. The comfy armchair Lounge has huge canvas pictures of the Spices that are used in the Indian cuisine. There is a full bar next to the lounge where a whole slew of innovative Maritinis are served thanks to Harry's love for being creative with drinks. There is the ubiquitous flat screen in the bar (much over my objections) for the sports aficionados.