Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visit to Peru

Some photos of the local market, food, Machu Pichu and other ruins.
Once again a long delay in posting, these seem inevitable. Everytime I promise myself but again
fall back due to a multitude of reasons.
Had an extremely enjoyable trip to PERU for ten days. It had been my dream to visit the Machu Pichu and learn more about them. Some great Peruvian food and a flight over the Nazca lines were other highlights of the trip. The ceviche was great as was the Pisco sour (local brandy, suagr, lime juice, angostura and eggwhites whisked to a froth) - real cooling on a hot day. The Incas though much behind the rest of the civilized world technologically, have left a perplexing legacy in stone built monuments. With rudimentary tools they created an empire with massive stone structures but perished against the Spanish conquistadors and guns. This trip left me wondering as to the meaning of Civilization as we percieve it in the present day world and context. These long gone societies lived much more close to nature and thrived with all other species in total harmony, unlike the present where war seems to be omnipresent.

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